How to prevent mold from growing – 5 simple step

The new topic of Grabbit Squad blog is the Mould.

Mould is one of those things homeowners dreads. Not only it is unsightly, but also it can grow in many places and if you leave it in your home and do not clean it, mold can affect your health, producing allergens and irritants. 🙁

Have you ever met with this problem in your flat…or just would you like to prevent appearance of mold?
If your answer is yes, read our useful advices which can help in prevention. 🙂

1) Open windows at the bathroom

To prevent too much moisture from building up in the bathroom you need to open the windows when you bathing or at least after you have a shower. If there is not window in the bathroom, leave the door open and open the closest window you can.

2) Ideal heating

One of the best mold prevention techniques is keeping your heating on, so avoid rooms cooling completely. Experts recommend that the ideal temperature for living rooms is 20°C, 23°C for the bathroom and children’s rooms, and 16°C for the bedroom and kitchen. It is recommended that you never let the temperature of your home fall below 14°C.

3) Keep a gap between furniture and external wall

Allow some space between the outside wall and furniture so that the warm indoor air can circulate properly in this area and the outside walls do not become too cold.

4) Pay attention

Do not leave wet clothes to sit in the washing machine, as mould will start to grow on the clothes. As soon as the washing program is done, remove the clothes from the machine and transfer them to the drier or the line. Similarly, never leave damp clothes or towels lying around on the floor or bunched up in a laundry basket. Always hang wet things to dry.

5) Do not open the dishwasher right after it finished the program

Keep it closed for at least 30 minutes, so that the steam can settle in the machine and does not escape into the flat.