Moving Home Checklist

Moving home checklist – Grabbit Squad

Make sure everything is ready and packed properly before your moving date. Moving home checklist from Grabbit Squad

Four weeks ahead

  • Get removals estimates and book your chosen firm
  • Order packing cases and materials
  • Order new curtains/carpets for the property
  • Plan where furniture will go and dispose of unwanted items
  • Book the days needed off work
  • Declutter and throw out what you don’t need

Two weeks ahead

  • Inform utility companies that you’re moving
  • Complete the Post Office mail redirection form
  • Inform TV signal supplier and TV licence
  • Begin packing non‐essentials – start outside or at the top of the house Run down the freezer
  • Get your phone number redirected

One week ahead

  • Inform the people on your finance and medical lists
  • Tell your council and ask for a statement on your council tax
  • Inform the car and household insurance firms
  • Send out change of address cards to friends and family
  • Organise who will look after pets or children during the move
  • Transfer into pots any plants you’ve said you will be taking

Two days ahead

  • Defrost the freezer
  • Prepare a box of moving day essentials
  • Set aside things you will be transporting
  • Disconnect dishwashers
  • Label items and keys for the new owner

Moving day

  • Strip the beds
  • Lay down sheets to protect floors
  • Set aside your vac for last-minute cleaning
  • Label where boxes and furniture should go in your new home

After moving

  • Pay stamp duty land tax
  • Change locks
  • Take meter readings, keep records and contact utility companies

Of course this checklist, maybe not complete, everything is depends from your move, but maybe this moving home checklist will give you a some tips, for the stressless moving.

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