The summer is here, so put away your winter items

Unfortunately the weather was not the best at the previous few weeks, but we really hope we can enjoy the sun soon.

The new topic of the Grabbit Squad blog is how you could prepare your flat, your balcony or your garden for the beautiful sunny days. It’s time to pack your winter items and take out from the storage the barbecues, swimming pools, garden furnitures and garden games. These are just a few summer accessories to enjoy the warmer days and longer evenings. Store your seasonal items can help keep your home more organized and it will be easier to get to the items you need when you need them. 

What should I store?

  • Warm winter clothing (footwear, coat, scarf, sweater)
  • Electric heaters
  • Winter sports equipments (ice skates, hockey equipment, snowboard)
  • Christmas decorations (tree, lights)

How should I store my winter items?

Find the best place for these bulky items and organize your storage in an efficient way seems to complicated. But if you use these practices it will so easier.

  • Firstly you need to determine what can you put away through the summer months. This is a good opportunity to decide what are the unwanted and unnecessary items.
  • If you put the similar items in same group, it will help to save place and make the unpacking easier in the next occasion.
  • Make sure all your clothes and winter accessories are clean and ready to be stored
  • Use plastic bins or vacuum sealed bags for storing your winter clothing. It is a good idea if you throw in a dryer sheet or moth balls to keep your clothing smelling fresh as well.
  • Use sticky notes for your boxes and bags in order to you can find your items what you need easily
  • Use shelving in your storage, which can provide places to store smaller items
  • For bigger items you can use pallets to keep them off the ground
  • Don’t forget about special requirements of your items, for example different climates are needed for clothes than for christmas lights